Life Insurance


What are your priorities?

What would happen if you died suddenly?
What would pay for your funeral expenses?
Who would be responsible for your unpaid debts?
Would your family be able to survive without your income?

None of us wants to pass our financial burden on to others and that’s why it’s so important to take the time to choose your financial priorities today.

My financial priorities are to:

– Provide money for my survivors to pay funeral costs, final expenses and estate taxes.

– Provide money for my dependents to pay debts (i.e. mortgage, car loan, credit card). This will save thousands of dollars in interest.

– Provide monthly income replacement for my family due to my death/disability.

– Provide funds for my children’s educational expenses.

– Provide funds for family emergencies (i.e. medical, legal).

– Leave money for my survivors to continue and maintain the family business.

– Make special provisions for my children’s caretakers.

– Leave a financial gift to a loved one and/or charity.

– Have sufficient retirement income for me and/or my spouse.

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